The 4 Best Times to Drink Matcha

You'll never want to skip Matcha time again.

2 Min Read

2 Min Read

Morning   |   Before Working Out   After a Meal   |   At Night

For those who love Matcha, it seems that any time is the right time to drink this delicious beverage

But are certain times better for enjoying Matcha?

We think there are four times best times to drink Matcha.

However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to limit your consumption to twice per day.


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1. Morning

Arguably the best time to drink Matcha is right after you get up or before you leave for work. 

Matcha provides an excellent caffeine boost and helps you stay alert. It is great to have with breakfast so you start your day feeling energised.

It's actually the perfect substitute for a morning coffee—it's healthier and lower in caffeine too.

Unlike coffee, Matcha also provides sustained energy rather than the short-term energy spike.

2. Before Working Out

A little Matcha before exercising can provide the boost you need to power through your workout. 

For those who find it difficult to workout after a long day at work, Matcha may be the perfect pre-workout drink for you. 

You can even pair it with some high-protein soy milk to help with muscle recovery.

3. After a meal

If you find yourself frequently experiencing a “food coma” after lunch or dinner, try having a cup of Matcha along with your meal.

A little Matcha could help fix that bloated and sleepy feeling you get after eating a heavy meal. 

4. At night

Drinking Matcha at night may seem counterproductive, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine. However, some Matcha before a late night out will keep you energised without interfering with your sleep afterwards. 

Overall, there is no one best time to have Matcha. 

If you love Matcha, feel free to enjoy it whenever you feel like a cup!

The only time to avoid Matcha is right before sleeping. The effects of caffeine take time to wear off, so if you like to have Matcha in the evening, make sure you drink it several hours before bed!

Now that you know when are the best times to drink Matcha, did you know Matcha is actually a better morning pick-me-up than coffee?

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