Why Crafti?

Why Crafti?

The Hands of Our Artisans

Learn more about the craftsmanship of our green tea artisans.

Crafted by Tea Masters and Artisans

Our tea is made by artisan farming communities in Japan, using traditional techniques passed down over generations.

Supporting Family-Owned Businesses

Instead of nameless big corporations, we work with family-owned businesses. This way, we support local artisans and know exactly what goes in your tea.

Traditional Superfood, 

Modern Innovation

We use modern techniques like organic farming, decaffeination and extraction, to create better products for your modern-day wellness ritual.

Certified Organic

by Japanese Agricultural Standards

Our Farmers & Partners

To deliver top-quality green tea, we work with the Crafti Collective, our network of tea artisans, farmers and partners across Japan.

The Soul and Stories behind our Tea

The Hardest Experience

Frost causes sprouts of tea plants to wither, turn black and die. This can mean the ruin of many years of efforts to cultivate these plants.

Masaru-san, on the toughest part of tea cultivation.

Saving the Harvest

Tea plants are more susceptible to frost damage because of the relatively high water content in their tissues. When exposed to freezing temperatures, the water inside plant cells can freeze, and expand, causing damage to cell walls. 

Tadashi-san, on solving the problem of frost damage

A Moment of Mastery

My most memorable career moment? Winning the nation-wide tea competition among 120 tea masters.

Masaru-san, on the most satisfying moment in his career.

Safety Guaranteed

Regular third-party lab screening is conducted for:

  • Heavy Metals

  • Radiation

  • Microorganisms
  • Additives