Inside the Tea Process

From Leaf to Cup

Made with the dedication and expertise of our tea partners in Japan. 

Take the Tour

Join our founder, Elias, on a tour to understand how our partners in Japan grow, harvest and process tea leaves.

The Matcha Process






Remove Stems, Cutting


Grinding Tencha into Matcha

Tencha is carefully ground into a fine powder using traditional granite mills. 

This process takes 1 hour just to produce just a small amount of matcha (~30-40g). 

Grinding has to be done slowly and meticulously to prevent the tea from heating up, as excess heat will cause Matcha to lose its flavor and nutritional properties.

Packed & Delivered to You

The Matcha powder is air-flown to Singapore in bulk. 

Matcha oxidises easily in hot weather, so we keep all bulk Matcha fresh in a refrigerated facility. 

Your Matcha is carefully packed in an SFA-certified facility in Singapore before being assembled (with love) and sent to your doorstep.