About Us


Helping you feel good, and live fully, 

through better health.

Bringing Your Body Into Balance

In our fast-paced world, stress, work and other factors easily throw our bodies out of balance.

We believe natural remedies can promote healing, well-being, and bring our bodies back into balance. 

Harnessing Nature's Feel Good Superfood

Green tea has numerous evidence-based health benefits like inducing calmradiance, and reducing inflammation. 

But beyond that, it's a tradition that spans hundreds of years, and promotes harmony and balance.

Note from our Founder

Hi, I'm Elias, the founder of Crafti. 

I'm happy to have you here with us. Crafti was born out of a personal journey of mine. 

Like many, I found myself caught in the relentless whirlwind of modern life. 

I used to work as a corporate lawyer, and the demands and stresses of the job began to take a toll on my health. Severe acne, anxiety, and migraines became constant companions, making me question the purpose of it all. 

This took me on a sabbatical to Japan, where I discovered the remarkable healing power of Matcha and green tea.

It was a revelation—a source of calm and restoration in a world of chaos.

But it was also there that I unearthed something even more profound—the philosophy of Ikigai, the Japanese philosophy of finding a "reason for being."

Inspired by these experiences, I started Crafti - not just to share the healing benefits of green tea, but also to help individuals find balance, healing, and meaning in their lives. 

At Crafti, we believe true wellness is more than just the absence of illness - it's about tapping into your inner vitality to live life to the fullest.

I'm passionate about sharing the gift of health because it transformed my life, gave me purpose, and I believe it can transform yours too.

Thank you for being a part of the Crafti community, and for joining us on this journey to optimal health and well-being. Together, we can create a world where everyone can live fully through better health.


Founder of Crafti

Crafti Milestones

Apr 2019

March 2020

July 2023

Started our first pop-up as Craft Tea Fox

Launched our original bottled Matcha and Hojicha superfood lattes

Renamed to "Crafti", allowing us to expand our product verticals to serve more feel-good superfoods

Why the name Crafti?

The name "Crafti" represents our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. We create products that are: 

  • crafted by people, not machines
  • crafted in small batches
  • crafted with intention, for health and wellness