2-step Matcha Ganache Infusion

How to tell Browned Butter from Burned Butter?

Use a light coloured pan to brown the butter so that you can take it right off the heat once you see brown (not black!) specks appearing. If you love some nutty flavour in your matcha brownie recipe,  this is right up your alley!

Best time to stream in the matcha ganache?

Cool the matcha ganache slightly to slightly warm temperature before adding it to the batter. You don't want to risk cooking the eggs!

Tips for Perfecting Your Matcha Brownie Recipe

How do I get the extra lift for my brownies?

Whisk eggs and butter thoroughly to incorporate air pockets — till a pale yellow colour.

How do I get a greener look?

The color depends largely on the grade of matcha you use. We used Patissier grade matcha, which is a culinary matcha intended for balanced bakes. Try mixing it with Barista grade matcha to get a much more vibrant green color than culinary matcha which tends to be more muted in color.

Make them vegan brownies

Alternatives for butter:

  • vegan butter
  • coconut oil
  • vegan white chocolate

Alternatives for egg:

  • flax
  • unsweetened applesauce


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