Flush away

post-meal bloat.

Wake up to a flat tummy in the morning.

Bloated but can't poop?

That's post-meal bloat.

You know the feeling - you've just had a massive meal. 

You're so bloated, you look 6 months 'pregnant'...

But you can't get it out.

That's why we created Gentle Go.

Gentle Go flushes away post-meal bloat, gently. 

It's a digestive peach tea packed with GentleFibre™, that flushes away post-meal bloat in 8-12 hours.

Gentle relief, for your gut.

Smooth Moves

Get your gut moving smoothly again.

Gentle to your Gut 

No explosive diarrhoea. It's gentle.

Supports Gut Health

Feed good gut bacteria.

Natural, Effective Ingredients


for regulating bowel contractions 

Green Tea Extract

for reducing gut inflammation

Senna Leaf

for supporting bowel movements

How is Gentle Go better?

Post-meal bloating is a combination of issues:

  • Indigestion

  • Gas Buildup

  • Water Bloat

  • Expanded Tummy (Abdominal Distention)

Natural herbs (like ginger and peppermint) only target gas buildup.

Gentle Go is specially formulated to target all aspects of post-meal bloat.



Anti-Bloating Supplements

Gentle Go

Natural Ingredients

Relieve Gas Buildup

Relieve Indigestion

Reduce Water Bloat

Reduce Abdominal Distention

Reduce Inflammation

Contains Fiber


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Try Gentle Go and get $10 off.

Use GENTLE10OFF for your purchase.

Available for a limited time only.

Try Gentle Go, Get $10 Off

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

How Gentle Go Works

Gentle Go contains: 

  • GentleFibre™: a prebiotic complex of chicory root fibre (inulin) and fructooligosaccharides.

  • green tea extract

  • senna leaf extract

Together, these help to: 

Support Bowel Movement

Senna leaf extract stimulates bowel contractions naturally, relieving constipation.[1][2]

Reduce Gut Inflammation

Green tea extract contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the gut.[3]

Bulk Up Stool

GentleFibre™ adds bulk to stool and regulates bowel contraction intensity, keeping it gentle.[4]

Support Healthy Gut Bacteria

Inulin and FOS in GentleFibre™ supports growth of beneficial gut bacteria and overall gut health.[5]


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