Making the choice between Matcha and coffee can be an impossible feat sometimes- we simply want the best of both worlds. 

Dirty Matcha (more widely known as Matcha Espresso Fusion) serves up the perfect solution for those of you treading caffeine middle ground. Virgin tries of this beverage were met with nods of approval from us, so we recreated this drink without the coffee machine. 

Dirty Matcha flavour profile

There are three main components to a Dirty Matcha: Matcha, milk and coffee. 

Lightly sweetened Matcha forms the base while milk allows a smooth transition in flavour between Matcha and roasted notes of coffee. 

Here's how to make Dirty Matcha, along with some tips to achieve the best flavour. 

Dirty Matcha assembly shot

Nailing the Matcha Coffee balance

The key to a good Dirty Matcha Latte lies in its ratio. 

The bold coffee flavour could potentially overpower the Matcha while too much milk could leave you with an alkaline after taste. 

If you lack the measuring tools for precision, eyeball a 1:2 ratio for your milk and Matcha and top it off with less coffee than milk. 

The gradient

The order of assembly in Dirty Matcha is intentional, where the liquids are added in decreasing density, allowing them to float on top of each other. 

To create the stunning three tier gradient, pour each liquid directly on the ice cubes.
This prevents the liquids from combining immediately, giving you ample time for that instagram shot. 

Tools you will need

A bamboo whisk, sieve and chawan to froth up a smooth layer of Matcha without the mess 

A tall glass (about 400ml) to assemble your drink

Teaspoon and a measuring cup

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