6 Easy Matcha Dessert Recipes That'll Make Your Friends Drool

Quick and easy Matcha desserts any kitchen noob can do

5 Min Read

5 Min Read

Popsicles  |   Truffles   |  Muffins   |   Ice Cream   |   Brownies   |   Lava Cake

Can't get enough of Matcha? 

How about creating some more than just your usual dose of Matcha latte?

Here are some of our favorite quick Matcha desserts you must try at home - even a kitchen noob can easily do!


5 Matcha Mistake You Are Making Right Now

Are you wasting your Matcha Powder by making these mistakes?

1. Matcha Popsicles

This is definitely our go-to dessert especially during the hot days.

With only 2 ingredients and a popsicle mold, you can never go wrong with this healthy yet craving-satisfying dessert.

2. Matcha Truffles

Another 2-ingredient dessert we can't get enough of.

These Matcha truffles are so quick to impress, and even quicker to make.

Who would've thought this decadent bite-sized treat is easy to do.

If you're looking for a quick and simple breakfast treat that isn't too sweet or savory then Matcha Muffins are here for you.

Check out this one-bowl Matcha Muffin recipe for that needed breakfast fix.

You only need 3 easy-to-find ingredients to make this quick frozen dessert.

Nothing beats a classic homemade ice cream!

Get blown away with these absolutely good-looking Matcha brownies. 

Look at that gooey fudge. It tastes even better than it looks!

Who says lava cake can only be chocolate?

Here's an easy-to-make dessert perfect for a date night!

Now you know how to create some classy yet very easy Matcha desserts using just a few ingredients from your pantry. 

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